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CLESIC & The Central Malaysia Chung Ling Alumni 50th Anniversary

The alumni, graduates of 1981. Hyper-active group of uncles.

CLESIC & The Central Malaysia Chung Ling Alumni 50th Anniversary – It’s quite surprised that my old Chung Ling High School friend invited me to the Central Malaysia Chung Ling Alumni 50th Anniversary dinner because I haven’t been active with my old school for a long long time. How are you Chung Ling High School?

Cocktail session.

Actually, it’s not eat, it’s helping out at the dinner, before, and after, in between we get to join in the dinner with all the uncle senior alumnis who are based in Central Malaysia. They are uncles and aunties already, and also member of Central Malaysia Chung Ling Alumni Club, and for us, we are part of CLESIC – Chung Ling Ex-Student Inter-varsity Council. Woahhhh. It’s just, alumni, for university student (at this moment). Only now I know there’s something like this, alumni might not be a place for us right now as we are too young, dominated by uncles, so CLESIC it is.

The guys: me, Khai Liang, Lit Chen, Win Shern, Jing Min, Chuan Hao.

Normally CLESIC happens to be in public university like UM, UKM, USM and all the U-and-the-M. There’s no Taylor’s University, but glad that I was invited as part of it. Well, it’s fun, simple tasks, great dinner, OK-good performance, met new friends, good laughters throughout the night and =).

Rise for the national anthem. Yoyoyo.
Rise for the school anthem, the last time was, 3 years ago.
A way to control noise in the hall.
Some Chinese dance performance.
Well, hmm, OK, when I look at this, I’ll think of Bo Hood. Hmm, hmm, hmm. Hello Mr Koh, ex-chief minister of Penang.
CLESIC. Too many to name, I don’t even know some of your name. You know who you are. Lady in blue is Xiao Hui, host from NTV7, happens to be the host for the dinner too.
This is it.

It was a grand alumni dinner in the Kuala Lumpur. As I know, Chung Ling-kia (what we call Chung Ling student) always do big. No doubt that Chung Ling has the biggest alumni network around the world, UK, China, USA, Australia, they are just everywhere. Proud to be a Chung Ling student, yes I do.

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