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BUPA Great North Run Is A Fun Marathon!

BUPA Great North Run Is A Fun Marathon! – Happened on the first weekend I arrived in Newcastle, I’ve got a chance to witness the Great North Run just right at the middle of Northumbria University campus. I actually knew about this quite some times already and initially thought of taking part too! But later then I thought of saving up the money and no one wanted to come with me, so ended being a spectator instead of the fun runners
It was a chilly and wet Sunday morning and there’s a huge swamp of colourful runners running along the freeway at about 12 degree celcius temperature. The atmosphere was so happenings and you can hear cheers and laughters floating the air. The dull and cloudy Sunday morning became cheerful again. I was at the 1 miles point where the runner passed by the bridge at Northumbria University.
The running trail was very long as tenth of thousands of runner passing by. I didn’t get a glimpse of the frontline, nor the end of the line because it’s just too long. Imaging 40k people passing through.
The fun thing was the whole freeway was flooded with colourful and funny attire! Runners were having fun; Mickey Mouse, man in suit, Minions, Superman, Spiderman, cow, monkey suits were all around, making it a happy run!
I was thinking, if there’s a group of people initiated this fun thing in the Penang Bridge International Marathon, I am pretty sure it’s gonna be happy and fun one and later turned into a human parade. LOL.
I didn’t get to the finish line which is about 13 miles (20.9km) away at South Shields, but it was a good one being at one part of the marathon route, cheering for the runners!
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