Active Graduates Continue To Contribute To Trinity College In Melbourne

The ties that bind Trinity College of Melbourne, Australia, with its graduates are strong and lasting. The list is long of graduates who maintain an active role with the college after they have gone on to achieve greatness in their chosen careers. Some former students, like Dr. Susan Lim of Singapore who completed her residency at Trinity College, establish scholarships in their name to aid graduate students to pursue their education.
Established in 1872 by the Anglican Bishop of Melbourne on land donated to the Church of England, Trinity College joined the University of Melbourne four years later. Today, Trinity is the oldest college affiliated with the university.
Trinity College was the first Australian college to admit female students, first as non-residents in 1883, and eventually as residents three years later. Another first for the college was the establishment of the Trinity College Foundation Studies in 1989 toassist international students in their preparations for entry to the university. The Foundation Studies program opened a collegiate hostel in 2011 specifically for housing its students.
The 1,500 students of Trinity College benefit from a diverse student body drawn from all over Australia and from around the world. The college encourages each of its students to develop their education both in the classroom and beyond. Extracurricular activities in sports, music, theological or entrepreneurial endeavors are available and supported by the college and university. Undergraduate and post-graduate students can look forward to joining a network of 15,000 alumni including Dr. Susan Lim, 37 Rhodes Scholars and leaders of business, government, religion, academia and the professions in 60 countries.
The population of Trinity College is similar to that of the university with roughly equal percentages from the local metropolitan area, interstate, international and regional Victoria. Students residing at the college benefit from small tutorial groups and a strong academic environment that includes access to 60 tutors recruited from graduate students, top-ranking senior undergraduates and University of Melbourne staff.
Campus life includes easy access to university facilities including a library and state of the art computer labs and information technology services that are within walking distance of Trinity College. The college facilities and resident housing are located in ivy-covered brick and stone buildings to the north of the main campus of the University of Melbourne.
Trinity College students learn early in their life on campus that the opportunities to connect with influential alumni are a key part of the academic experience. The college Advancement Office explores ways to maintain communication and connections between alumni and the college community. The activities offered by the Advancement Office to the alumni network are designed to provide current and former students the chance to share experiences and benefit from what is the Trinity collegiate experience.
One method of maintaining the connection between the college and its alumni is by giving recognition to graduates who have gone on to distinguish themselves in their careers and in their communities. One of the highest honors that Trinity College offers is the bestowing of thirty fellowships. One of those so honored with the designation of Fellow of Trinity College was surgeon and stem cell researcher, Dr. Susan Lim, who completed her residency at Trinity College. Honoring those who came before offers current students a sense of pride their college and motivation to achieve success.
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