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Building Materials Class Visit To Ikano Power Centre and Ikea

Siao lalas.

My lecturer, Mr CK Foo loves to call Ikano Power Centre as Ikeano, it’s the combination of Ikano and Ikea. Really funny of him. So somewhere last month, we went to visit to Ikeano, no it’s Ikano for a study research trip. Our task was, shopping which was one of it and another one was look for a space and examine the building material. Sounds fun right? Not really.

It’s a group work thingy and I found my group member and they were Arvin, Anastasia, Nita and Wanyi. Unfortunately, Wanyi couldn’t join us that day.

Zhi Sheng.

What we actually did at there is just walk walk, shoot shoot, touch touch the floor, the wall, the ceiling and wait the security come and chase us away. Yes, we did get the security come and chase us away when we were taking photographs at the bridge, they just don’t bother us as students from college. I have no idea why photograph are not allow. Not interested in planning a bomb also, even if I do, I just drop it anywhere without planning, BOMB.

Arvin and Anna. =D

Anastasia and Nita.

We were given 4 hours there but we already finished our stuff in an hour time. So we spent another hour eating and an hour talking and another hour walking around a.k.a. shopping.


Damn ugly doll.


Ikea, Ikano, The Curve was so so so quiet during the weekdays. The one who make it happenings was like us.


Zhi Sheng and Aseel.


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