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Brought DID Friends To Penang’s Kuan Yin Temple

Well, last week, my classmate of Diploma In Interior Design (DID) from all over the places (KL, Indonesia, Muar, Sandakan) came to visit my hometown, unfortunately I could hardly spend time with them because my brother came back from Singapore recently and most of my time spent was with my family, and want to apologize for that matter. =) Anyway, did meet up with them in the middle of the night and also the last day of their trip.

One of the place I brought them was to the UNESCO site, the famous Penang’s Kuan Yin Temple on Pitt Street, to pray and to see. It’d been some time I didn’t go to pray already, so it’s a good opportunity too.

Surprisingly, they were kinda excited and interested while visiting the temple. I thought they would thought that temple is boring and dirty and blablabla, but no.

Well, want to let you guys know that the Kuan Yin’s Temple on Pitt Street is one of the must visit in Penang because it’s listed in one of the UNESCO Heritage Building list, so it’s cool. =D

It’s very very very hot day though. But then it’s raining now in Penang! =D I always keep track of what’s happening back home. Yay.

=) Birds.
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