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Breakfast at Mandarin Cafe

Now is holiday to me, because I don’t go to school and I don’t go to work. Everyday just, sit back, relax and enjoy, it’s kinda fun, you don’t really get much time after I get back into school or work. Now is the time between graduated from high school and waiting for result. After studying for 11 years, primary and secondary school, this 3 months break is good.

Some friends have already went into college, some got themselves a job, and some are still like me, doing nothing, in a holiday mood. You say like that good or not?

IMG_4040 by nicholaschan.
Stim look.

Last friday morning, went to jogging with a few friends, nice to sweat. Then we went to breakfast at Mandarin Cafe which is located at Island Glades.

IMG_4047 by nicholaschan.

Got talk got smile, we eat and we talk. Spent the whole morning at there, because we just didn’t know where to go next. I was with Chien Chern because he car pooled me and became my “driver” for the day.

IMG_4058 by nicholaschan.

Wasting petrol is no good and it’s destroying the environment with carbon. So car pooling is good, or the best, public transport. =D But ever since I have got my driving license, I seldom take the public bus anymore, seldom. I kinda miss the days when I was on the Rapid Penang bus, I can surf the net on the bus somemore.

IMG_4059 by nicholaschan.
Alvin the camera boy.

IMG_4060 by nicholaschan.
Always is this two appear in my blog.

IMG_4070 by nicholaschan.
Same pose always.

IMG_4076-1 by nicholaschan.

But anyhow, drive or public transport? By the way, second question to my friends, are you studying now or working or doing nothing like me?

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