Bangkok Travel Tips: Prepaid Sim Pack For Internet Data & Voice Call

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Bangkok Trip: Prepaid Sim Pack For Internet Data & Voice Call – Every time I go to a place for travel, I will buy a local simpack for myself, mainly for connecting to the Internet, searching for local travel information, and updating some of my moment to social media and blog.

Besides, it’s also very cost saving for you and your friends to communicate at the destination as you know call rate through roaming is very expensive. You can also use it for emergency.

In Bangkok, I bought the 1-2-Call prepaid SIM pack from AIS (a telco) which costs 99Baht/simpack itself with 50Baht of credit, and top up an addition of 300Baht worth of credit, total 399Baht. I bought the SIM pack from the AIS counter at the airport once I get through the immigration check point.

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It does not include data, but you can subscribe to it at 50baht per day unlimited usage. The troublesome part is you have to subscribe it everyday once it timed, so it’s better for you to set a reminder.

There’s also special data plan for iPhone 4, but that’s on hour basis. If you are iPhone 4 user, I recommend you go to mobile phone shop in shopping centre instead for them to cut the normal SIM of 1-2-Call to micro SIM, then you can subscribe to the unlimited 50Baht per day.

Besides, they also include extra bonus talk time so you have no worry that your data subscribtion has used all your credit.

Find more info here and here.

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