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Bangkok: Tha Tien Pier Water Taxi

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Bangkok Trip: Tha Tien Pier Ferry (Day 4): It’s day 4 of my trip in Bangkok last week, on the fourth day, it’s a sightseeing trip in Bangkok instead of shopping and night market exploring. Was thinking of going to the floating market, but then I found out it’s one and a half hour away from Bangkok city and the Thonbori district, which is far away. Review of the famous floating market is not so nice afterall. There’s review of the river is very stinky, it’s so tourist centric and what a waste of time.

I would like to go find it out myself next time, but since I have a day left, I took the day for some major tourist attractions like the Wat Arun, Wat Pho Reclining Buddha and Grand Palace which is near to Bangkok city.

On the illegal cab to Tha Tien Pier. For only 100Baht, he took us to the Gem shop for a tour before heading to Tha Tien. It’s a famous Gem shop scam, but for that price of cab, it’s worth it, we didn’t buy anything though. Haha

Passed by Grand Palace

Our first stop was Wat Arun which is on the other side of Chao Phraya river, so it’s either bridge of boat. But then bridge is too far, so boat is the ideal and best transport to go to the other side of the river. Wat Pho, Wat Arun and Grand Palace are all near to each other only. First we take a cab to Tha Tien Pier to sit the water taxi which ferry people across the river for as low as 3Baht per person per way! That’s only like RM0.30/US$0.09. It’s so cheap!

Man transporting cooking gas.

Tha Tien Pier at far.

Selling salted fish and more.

Tha Tien Pier is located right opposite of Wat Pho and Grand Palace, there’s a market that sells many food and also beverage stalls along the way. It’s good to chill with some cold coconut juice on a Sunny day. The temperature was really high that day at 35 degree cel, very crazy. Luckily we have umbrella with us.

A market at outside of Tha Tien Pier.

Tha Tien Pier.

Dear Hueisean sipping on a cold coconut.

Making Thai’s salad.

The Tha Tien Pier.

Wat Arun, pyramid-like holy tower.

The water taxi comes and goes every 15 minutes, it’s very convenient but then a little bit unsafe, however if you sit still and don’t walk much, it’s pretty safe. So after arriving on the other side of the island, you need not to walk far to reach Wat Arun, it’s just located on the left hand side outside the pier. You can see the Wat Arun pyramid-like spiritual tower from here.


Click here for more posts about my Bangkok Trip.

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