Bangkok: Chatuchak Weekend Market / JJ Market / Jatujak

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Bangkok Trip: Chatuchak Weekend Market / JJ Market / Jatujak

Bangkok: Chatuchak Weekend Market / JJ Market / Jatujak (Day 2) – I am sure many people have hear about the Chatuchak Weekend Market in Bangkok. If you haven’t, HOW CAN YOUU??

Nevermind, if you are first timer, Chatuchak Weekend Market, also known as JJ or Jatujak is a famous weekend market in Bangkok and it’s a MUST-VISIT if you happened to be around Bangkok during the weekend as it’s fully open on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

But what if you are on there on weekdays? Actually there’s still stalls open on weekdays but then it’s not 100% perfect wonderful like on the weekend.

On my 2nd day of Bangkok trip, a Sunday, I went to the Chatuchak Weekend Market in the morning (I went here before, this is my third time), about 10am Bangkok time. Took a cab to there and it costs us 150Baht withou meter! On our way back was only 98Baht with meter. OMG. If you are near to BTS, you can stop at Mo Chit Station, if you are near to MRT, you can stop at Kamphaengphet Station or Suan Chatuchak (Chatuchak Park). Very convenient to reach there.

Since we were not near to any MRT or BTS station, we took the cab instead. It was still early at that time, many stalls were only started to open their stalls. I thought Chatuchak opens as early as those wet market in Penang. =D

There’s many coffee stall like this. Very cool.

Heart shape toilet sign.

As we started touring and shopping, more and more people, tourists, shoppers, locals flocked into the market. Do you know Chatuchak Market is very very very super duper big? There’s many sections, and parts in the market and you can hardly explore every part of the market in one day.

In case you want to split up with your friends, remember the section number and gather back at there.

You can find a lot of orange juice in this kind of packaging like this. 20Baht only!

Although the market is organized into different parts which sells different thing, but then we explored the market randomly without checking out at the map at first, which was so wrong as mom couldn’t find the stuff she wanted. Hahaha.

Well, in Chatuchak Market, you can find stuff like, furniture, home decor, super cheap clothing, lots of Thai street food, paintings, households, kitchen utensils, stationery, Thai gift, and even pet! There’s a pet section where you can find many pet stalls. Though, I couldn’t find that section, it’s just toooo BIGGGGG.

Not enough hand to carry your stuff home? You can find many delivery service at there too! I don’t know the price is affordable or not, any of you know the market rate?

Try the coconut ice cream, it’s nice! You get various topping and cheap too!

A little tips for you is that wear light at Chatuchak, shorts, singlets, slippers would be best. Don’t bring heavy stuff, travel with a light camera, get yourself a mini fan, handkerchief & FACE TOWEL (Haha, packs of tissue paper will do too). Yes, I think face towel is a good bring as Chatuchak is really very very hot! Perspiration will break out non-stop as you explore around Chatuchak.

Worms and insects! WT…ftttt. I tried before, not very nice.
Very powderish inside.

Pork! Siu yok! Sio bak! Shao rou! Didn’t dare to try. Haha.

Chatuchak Weekend Market is very fun but then dad was not feeling well so we stopped our exploring and shopping in the afternoon. I was so sweaty and sticky at that time and wanted a bath so badly. Though, if there’s chance, I would love to explore the WHOLE Chatuchak Market, it’s just so big! I think I’ve just visited a small part of it. Anyway, I will visit it again, next time, yeah! Want sponsor me? =D

How to go Chatuchak Weekend Market?

Chatuchak market is adjacent to the Kamphaengphet station of the MRT Bangkok Metro Blue Line, or about a 5-minute walk from the Mo Chit station of the BTS Skytrain Sukhumvit Line and another MRT station, Suan Chatuchak (Chatuchak Park).


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