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Ban Lee Siang Satay Celup for Supper

Satay Celup is the lok-lok of Malacca! How can you not eat Satay Celup when visit to Malacca? Haha. Basically Satay Celup is actually raw food on stick, then to be dipped into a kind of peanut satay sauce to cook the food. It’s like lok-lok which you cook your own stick food, just not dipping into boiling water. At this moment, I only find this Satay Celup in Malacca, and not anywhere else.

The one I visited when I was in Malacca was Ban Lee Siang. One of the two famous one, another is the Capitol which always has a long queue in front of the shop. Since Ban Lee Siang is near to where I stayed, so we went there on foot from Jonker Walk.

The price for per stick is RM0.60 flat rate but when you see it’s so cheap, you tend to take more and then turn out many money. And the food on stick is kinda little, so you need more to fill the stomach.

I actually pretty full after having my street food hunting on Jonker Walk so I didn’t eat much, just want to try the Satay Celup feel. Everything was fun, I like the way of dipping food into the peanut sauce, but then it lack of my favourite, si hum cockles. Haha. If there’s cockles, then it will be damn awesome. Hopefully there’s Satay Celup around Penang or KL, with cheap price of course. =D
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45-E Jalan Ong Kim Wee

75300 Melaka, Malacca


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