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Away to PLKN (Day 63): Chen Yuen/Raykee’s 18 Birthday at Tao, Autocity

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On Chen Yuen a.k.a. Raykee 18th birthday, he invited me and them to Tao at Autocity. He invited us but the driver for that day was Arron. He drove his 7-seater Naza to drive everyone go. Oh yeah. The attendees for the birthday night at Tao was me, Arron, Raykee himself, Chien Chern, Zez Chien, Yiphing, Sher Reen, and Jane.

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Everyone dress up very smart and pretty that night. I like that feel. From Penang Island, passes the bridge to Autocity is not very far only, it’s 20 minutes drive from the bridge. Near and I love Autocity. There’s many nice restaurant.

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Tao is a Japanese restaurant that has ala-carte buffet style dinner. We need not to take our food, we just ordered and eat-all-we-can for just a price. RM50++. The place was pretty crowded on a Thursday night, luckily we reserved a place or else no place to sit already.

One funny thing that day was we keep discussing whether to go to Tao at E-Gate or Tao at Autocity and I kept calling the place to change the reservation. In the end, we picked Tao at Autocity.

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It’s my first time going to Tao, Autocity. I have went to Tao at E-Gate a few times already and I found this place rocks. The Autocity’s has a better interior design and the atmosphere is nice. Our place needed us to take off our shoes like the Japanese does.

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It’s eat-all-we-can and so we kept ordering. The girls didn’t eat much though, guess they have a little tummy. We were there from 7pm till 10pm. Really very long.

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At some part of the dinner, I dropped my phone somewhere, I was so nervous and luckily Jane found it and Yiphing kept it. Woah, I really must be more careful already.

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Present giving time:

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Group shot time:

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IMG_7691 b
y nicholaschan.

Forgot to mention the waiter, Alan was really very friendly. Good job.

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