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Away to PLKN (Day 42): After Getting SPM 09 Result

On the SPM 09 Result Day, it’s a very hot weather, I sweat like hell and I felt sticky but somehow I didn’t go home to change, yucks. It’s because everyone didn’t do so, so I also lazy went home. After some air-conditioned blowing, it’s not as yucky as before already. Haha

IMG_7230 by nicholaschan.

IMG_7233 by nicholaschan.
Arron Lim, the humor guy.

So after getting the result in school, we went to Harvest In to had our lunch. I intro them to this place because it’s cheap, AC-ed and nice place. Just a little bad on finding place for parking. There’s 10 of us at the lunch.

IMG_7235 by nicholaschan.
Chien Chern, the handsome one.

IMG_7237 by nicholaschan.
Alvin, the cool one.

Then we went to Gurney Plaza for a walk. Actually we didn’t know go there to do what. I didn’t want to go to KTV because I knew on the night, we were going to KTV already. So we skipped Red Box in the afternoon.

IMG_7241 by nicholaschan.
Inti College gang.

IMG_7242 by nicholaschan.

We just walked around the place and talk crap and jokes all along. Met friends, then take photos. Then we went for a movie at the cinema, it’s Green Zone and Matt Damon rocks. Always love his movie and director, Paul Greengrass rocks, who directed Bourne Ultimatum and Bourne Supremacy before, my all-time favourite movie.

IMG_7246 by nicholaschan.
Jin Jie.

IMG_7247 by nicholaschan.
Hock Sheng.

IMG_7248 by nicholaschan.
Yan Duan.

IMG_7251 by nicholaschan.
Chen Yuen.

IMG_7254 by nicholaschan.
Super tall and super short. OMG.

IMG_7256 by nicholaschan.
Qi Jia, Jin Jie and Hock Sheng.

IMG_7257 by nicholaschan.
Tee Jin, Yan Duan and poser Jin Jie.

IMG_7260 by nicholaschan.
Chin Lai, my NS mate.

IMG_7261 by nicholaschan.

IMG_7262 by nicholaschan.

IMG_7265 by nicholaschan.

IMG_7266 by nicholaschan.

IMG_7267 by nicholaschan.

IMG_7271 by nicholaschan.
Met Min San there, a friend that have not seen for a super long time already.

IMG_7275 by nicholaschan.
Then met Jocelyn who came back from NS first batch, from the same camp as mine.

IMG_7276 by nicholaschan.
Met Jack and Phaik Sin too. Jack could be said as my senior in NS because he’s from the first batch and White Resort too!

IMG_7277 by nicholaschan.
Phaik Sin, my tuition friend last time.

Also met some friends who had just came back from first batch of NS there too! Wee. That aft
ernoon was pretty interesting and super tired and sleepy.

======WORLD CUP FEVER======

2010 Fifa World Cup is coming and I am so excited about it. Frankly speaking, I am not a football fan but when it comes to big game like EURO or World Cup, I am super into it because I want to join the fun with all the football fans do.

So in this coming World Cup, who do I support the most? It’s England! [ADV] So cute that Celcom have bears (they called it the Celcom Blue Bears) representing each country, like my favourite team is called Englbear. =D

Celcom Blue Bears party at Penang Queensbay Mall! Super happenings during that time.

One more month till World Cup, I guess I will be staying up late with friends for it soon. Oh yeah, wait for me to come back from NS! Do check up some free ringtone, online games and wallpaper download from Celcom Blue Bears.

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