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April Weekend In Penang

Not very random post but just to share some shots I taken back in Penang last weekend. Yeah. It’s an awesome home to me, I believe soon in the future will be a famous International city. I sounds so Penang-lover right now and yes I am, proud of when I am from. =) Last weekend in Penang was awesome, very relaxing, loved the weather, the food, people but not the assignments I brought back home to work with. Aduhainya.

Awesome view of Gurney Drive with a little bit sense of local kampung. The capital of Malaysia should have been closer to the sea or many a canal, but not. It’s a valley!

Some people asked me why do I go back so often, the answer is very simple, I love my hometown. Somemore Penang and Kuala Lumpur is like only 4 hours = 370km away, they are near, little bit, but still nearer than people going to Singapore, or oversea which they can’t even go home. Maybe they like where the place they are but home is awesome. Why don’t I stay in Penang to study? I want a better education and I want to explore more.

Not really been to many places over the weekend, just lunch, camera shop, some nice restaurants, baby’s birthday, town and the cinema. Spent more time with the assignment though.

Went to lunch on Gurney Drive.

And I am feeling bad not finding my friends when going back because that I have too much that I wanted to do. Hopefully the next visit I can look for them. =) Penang is a small place, yet it has almost everything, the people, the food and the entertainment.

Visited my favourite camera shop Click N’ Snap on Penang Rd to look for some camera gear.

War Winz Enterprise, a computer hardware shop that you must visit in Level 4, Prangin Mall. =) I went at a wrong time as it’s not opened yet, it’s open now by the way and it’s my tuition teacher’s shop. Go support support. =)

I don’t know why most of the time I come back to Penang will go to town and walk around KOMTAR area. I feel it’s fun walking in the city centre, although there’s not really much thing to see and by the way, KOMTAR is renovating the shopping mall, excited to see what it will be in a few months time. =D

Chao, I am hungry, currently writing this in the library and just finished Malaysian Studies exam and had no breakfast in the morning. OMG. Eat time!


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  • ken
    April 23, 2011 at 5:44 am

    nice pics from penang..
    the only thing i miss about penang is its chendol 😀


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