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An Interior Behaviour Study Class

Another day in uni which is the just recent Thursday. =D Design course is not exam-oriented, it’s not about memorizing but it’s more on concept and thinking. Ah! Everyday, I think think think and think to do assignent, which is quite tiring to me, but somehow fun after getting outcome.

Sometimes, I thought, why not just give me exam and take away all the assignment because high school time was all about exam instead of assignment. Exam are easy IMO, it’s just study and memorizing. Haha. But assignment is always about thinking and enhancing the work to perfect.

Interior Behaviour Study is one of the subject I’ve got for this semester. It’s about study on the relationship of human behaviour with interior design. It’s theory again, but the there’s more hands-on work than reading. =(

CK and Arowa from Saudi Arabia.

And my lecturer CK is a perfectionist, so work always get rejected and I always thinking hard on how to do well on the project. Well, it’s OK, I can’t complain that much, yet it’s pretty tiring I feel. Current project is about designing a social place on existing Taylor’s site in-related to the human needs at that site. I think you probably don’t know what am I talk about, cut the crap. Haha.

Tell you something, Indonesian really love BlackBerry a lot. I have no idea why. You can see people with BlackBerry in Taylor’s are mostly Indonesian and they always BBM nonstop. Haa.

Farah, Jia Hui, Steve and Wesley. =D

It’s another day in class and the day was a tutorial on the on-going project we are doing right now. Worksome, and not-awesome. One thing not nice about the class is it’s 4 hours straight with no meal break. So I need to prepare myself a small packet of cookies to eat in class.

LOL. NA from Vincent of Vietnam.

Aseel look so EMO.

Hyper Aida.

Shy shy Wanyi from Penang, Nita and Mellysa from Medan. =D Really International class. Haha.

The fun about being in a small class is that you get close attention and the not-fun is you don’t get to meet new person throughout the course, unless you walk upfront to student of other courses.

And the nice thing about studying in Taylor’s is you meet people of different places. Sweet. =D


English, Mandarin, Hokkien and Malay are the medium of conversation in class. Haha. Multi-languages class. Nice to know that Medan’s Hokkien is almost identical to Penang Hokkien, just unfortunately there’s no people speaking the KL’s local Cantonese dialect which I use to speak to my family.

Vain Wesley from Seremban and Kevin from Vietnam.

Act cool Arvin of Medan.

Ah! I need to catch up with my assignment already. =X Any idea on creating a new interacting spaces on a walkway? Haha.

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