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An Accident On Jalan Tanjung Tokong

It was a fine and quiet Sunday. A BOMBA (Fire and Rescue) truck was spotted by the roadside with several fire fighter and many busybodies on Jalan Tanjung Tokong. The date was 17 April 2011. I live near that area and was curious so I went to check out what’s happening. At first, I thought it was snake, I saw people going in to the manhole, I thought there’s a big python or something sort of animal and mom thought that there’s people fallen into the man hole.

I was thinking that it’s pretty ridiculous to fall into a manhole because all manhole are closed and even if it’s open, people will tend to walk away from it.

I went to check it out what’s happening, joining the busybodies group, yes I am a busybody. In fact, the real thing is really people stuck inside the manhole. The real news is like this, 2 underground drain worker went to clean the underground drain but got flushed away by water and they were stuck in the drain. Drown and I saw body took up by the BOMBA in the afternoon.

Then they continue to search for the 2nd body. They were pretty unsure that where the bodies had flushed to and stuck at, one were found pretty quickly and another one took them till the night.

After seeing that they rescued one, I went back home thinking that it will be over soon, but there’s even more BOMBA trucks and onlookers coming to the site. I got even curious and went to check it out again.



Armed with a camera to take photos. One is be a busybody, another is I get to shoot photos of they are working.

It’s pretty sad that the workers went to work in the morning and got flushed away. It took like so long to find them. I believe it’s not easy to look for as the underground drain is filled with toxic gas, moreover is flooded and lies deep underground.

The day was high tide and that’s where the water came from, the sea.

Underwater cable camera was used in the drain too, but found nothing.

The whole Jalan Tanjung Tokong was jam, everyone was just looking to the roadside, slowing down their car to check out what’s happening. Very funny thing is that busybody not from this area even park their motorcycles and went to check out what’s happening. This is so Malaysian.

BOMBA getting ropes.

There’s 5 BOMBA trucks at there, including one volunteered BOMBA, one police van and a ambulance.

Well, I felt bored and went back home and didn’t bother to wait for news.


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