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A Dinner at Ferringhi Garden Restaurant, Batu Ferringhi

A week ago, I went to dinner with my dearest Hueisean to celebrate our five months together. Ok stop here for the story. Haha. I have been hearing a lot about Ferringhi Garden and finally I got a chance to go check it out. It’s really a nicely decorated restaurant with a lot of greens and lights. It’s really like dining out in the garden but because of hating the mosquito, I picked to dine indoor. The indoor’s atmosphere is still awesome.

The restaurant is very easy to be seen, they have a huge signboard at Batu Ferringhi after Park Royal Hotel. The pricing are quite expensive, starts from RM25++.

First up, they served garlic bread as appertizer and it’s just a normal garlic bread to me.

I ordered an oriental style chicken chop. The sauce is kinda sweet and nice. As for the chicken, it’s just battered and deep fried. Not a bad one.

My friend ordered a fish and chip. Deep fried again but somehow, I feel this is better than the chicken chop. =)

Lastly, I ordered a dessert. It’s a chesse cake with a scoop of strawberry ice cream. Well, this dessert is the best part of the night. The cheese cake has chocolate biscuit at the bottom and the strawberry ice cream is delicious. =D

To conclude about the restaurant, it’s a romantic place to go with your loves one, but the price is the point that is repelling me. However, if there’s birthday or other occassion, I may go back again.

And one more thing, Happy New Year! May your 2011 filled with awesome foods.


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