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Meet Up With A Few 2009’s 5SA1 People

A year has already past from high school. Somehow, I am still missing those crazy bunch of classmate and friends from high school last time. You know, high school is like a playground or theme park where it’s playing and enjoying every day in school. But somehow, time flies and people grows, nothing can turn back time and people can only look forward in life and enjoy to the fullest.

Last week, I went to meet up with Hock Sheng, Yong Chieh, Juan Shong and Young Hean who came back from Phillipines. Yeah, there’s only five of us. Some busy with their thing, some PPK-ed, but at least we met.

We talked and we ate burger there. It’s a place at Bayan Lepas and I have no idea why they picked somewhere so far.

Forgot to tell that they are all my classmate last time during Form 5 a year ago in 5SA1 of Penang Chung Ling High School. So friends, if you are reading this, try say a time and we’ll plan something big, for all 42 of us. =)

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