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7 minus 1 Temples Re-visit After Getting SPM Result

We are believers and such, we went to pray before SPM examination, and so we need to pay back another visit as thanksgiving to god. Last week, we went back to the temples we had visited before SPM examination last year, there’s 7 temples and there’s 11 of us from 5SA1 class of 2009.

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Sadly, there’s seven people turned up only, Shi Jie is in UK, Hock Sheng was busy with his driving lesson, Yan Duan was busy with his driving lesson, Jun Ge was busy with don’t know what and Young Hean was busy with work. This is what happened after high school where people are always busy with their own stuff, and can’t stick together like in a classroom.

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So I always, high school is the best, appreciate and enjoy it to the fullest! Anyway, I miss you guys a lot.

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We missed a temple and also Juan Shong was in a hurry so we went to six temples only, Guleng Hood, Penang Buddhist Association, Wat Buppharam, Siamese temple (Wat Chaiyamangkalaram), Dhammikarama Burmese temple and lastly, Guan Yin Temple.

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It was a hot hot day, we gathered in school in the morning, in the mean time, I went to certified my certificates copy at the school office while waiting for them. Then we started our temples journey in two cars.

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Going back to the same place and taking photos again at the same spot was fun and sad too because there’s only 7 of us, include extra of Jin Sheng’s girlfriend, Doreen. Hope one day where everyone come home and can go out again.

IMG_7571 by nicholaschan.

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Went back to the same pond with the spinning bowl where people throw coins into it for good luck. They brought a lot of coins because not satisfied with last performance before SPM examination, this time they wanted to throw in as much as they can. Haha.

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I got two coins and I missed. Oops.

IMG_7574 by nicholaschan.

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IMG_7580 by nicholaschan.
Chee Pherng.

IMG_7581 by nicholaschan.

Lastly, bought flowers and went to pray Confucius, Wen Chang Gong and Goddess of Mercy.

IMG_7588 by nicholaschan.
Why so many beggars outside the temple?

Life move on.

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    March 25, 2010 at 7:21 am

    Just dropped by and found your blog is interesting and so how's your result?


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