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Universal Studios Singapore: Visiting The Theme Park

Universal Studios Singapore: Visiting The Theme Park – Well today gonna bring you back to Deepavali 2011 where it was Wednesday, a fine Wednesday there everyone was off from work, spending the time with friends and family, or self!

#1: Vivo City, where the monorail station to Sentosa Island is at.

I was in Singapore and I went to the Universal Studios Singapore! I have been to a few theme parks but didn’t really remember much about them as I was small – Australia Gold Coast’s Movie World, Seaworld, Dreamworld, Thailand Bangkok’s Dreamworld, Hong Kong’s Ocean Park, Malaysia’s Genting Highland, Sunway Lagoon and Bukit Merah Laketown Resort.

Ignoring all those that I have been to and Universal Studio Singapore will be my first theme park tour around the world. I want to visit all the famous theme parks like Universal Studio Japan, Disneylands, Disneyworlds, Happy Valley, Six Flag and more!

#2: Roof top of Vivo City with nice man made pool, overlooking Sentosa Island. Was walking to Food Republic for breakfast.

#3: Makan, makan, eat breakfast at Food Republic. I ate curry puff. =D Don’t want to eat much cause I scared will vomit later when riding the roller coaster. Haha.

Cut the crap and back to the day. Woke up pretty early at 8am and took the bus to Vivo City with my brother and them meet up his girlfriend at there. Was thinking of eating Burger King for breakfast but end up eating curry puff at Food Republic because Burger King hadn’t open yet.

#4: Waterfront Station, Universal Studios Singapore stop, first stop of monorail too!

Then went to the monorail station, no need queue up to buy ticket because I has a Ezlink touch n’ go card with me. Feeling excited because it’s my first time going to Sentosa Island and everyone on board has a smile on their face which makes the day merry.

#5: Walking to Casino, oops, it’s Universal Studios Singapore!

#6: Taking photos, me!

Universal Studios Singapore: Visiting The Theme Park
#7: The famous Universal Studios globe.

#8: Me me me me me, IZ ME!

Reached the first stop – Waterfront Station, alight and head to the entrance of Universal Studio Singapore. Movie theme song was playing loud at the speaker along the way to the entrance. Spotted the big famous Universal globe and took photos of it and then headed on towards entrance.

#10: Entrance of Universal Studios Singapore.

#11: Entry point.

#12: Kungfu Panda came to greet us.

#13: Scanning ticket. We have our own printed tickets that were bought online.

Need not buy ticket again because we bought out ticket online and has discount through MasterCard. It opens at 10am, many were started queuing already and waiting for the gate to open. Finally, it opened and we ran into it.

#14: There’s shade at part of the Hollywood Boulevard area. Luckily, else we would be hot die at there.

#15: Hollywood.

#15: New York.

Yes we ran and walked fast because we were worried that there will be along queue at the attractions. Haha, took photos along the way and headed to the first ride, the most “chi kek” exciting ride, the Starship Galactica Cylon and Human.

#16: More of New York. 5th Avenue, could Apple Store be near by? NO!

#17: More of New York.

There were also props for Halloween like broken car, garbage which simulates a dead city because Halloween was coming.

#18: Ready for Sci-Fi City ahead!

I’ll show you Starship Galactica at Sci-Fi City ahead in the next post.

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