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Taipei Trip: From Penang – Hong Kong – Taipei

Taipei Trip: From Penang – Hong Kong – Taipei (Day 1) – Last week was an awesome week as I went on a trip to Taipei and Macau! It was a nice getaway after my 2.5 months of internship and also a little bit of rest and relax to prep myself for the new semester which will be starting next week. Few more days of relaxing time in Penang and I will be back to Kuala Lumpur again.
Anyway, in this coming days, follow my blog for a virtual trip to Taipei and Macau with me. =D JOMMMMM! One more thing, this is a full Taipei trip which I focus on travelling the north Taiwan. KIAAAAA….
Penang International Airport. Looks new and good right? Not really I feel, if you look close, the place is not well maintain and when I go to Taiwan and Hong Kong, I feel Penang is so not welcoming enough, the interior design seriously need to be improved more.
Fish fillet with fried rice. Weird airplane food by Cathay Pacific, the fish tasted weird. XD
Oh yes, Hong Kong! My favourite place in Asia. I stop here to transit for Taipei.
Twilight from the air.
Chicken sandwich from Hong Kong to Taipei however tasted good! Yummeh! I didn’t finish it because I wanna have an empty stomach for Taiwan’s street food.
Welcome to Republic of China – Taiwan.
New refurbished Taiwan Taoyuan Airport.
Street food in front of hotel.
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