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Taipei Trip: Golden Waterfall & Yingyang Sea 黄金瀑布&阴阳海

Taipei Trip: Golden Waterfall & Yingyang Sea 黄金瀑布&阴阳海 (Day 2) – The day trip is almost approaching an end, this was the second last stop before heading to the end destination – Keelung Miao Kou Night Market.
After Jiufen, while on the way to Keelung, we passed by a famous waterfall – Golden Waterfall (Huang Jin Pu Bu) where the water from the waterfall turned the riverbed and rocks into golden yellow colour, very interesting!
Further down will meet the Yingyang Sea (Ying Yang Hai) where the parts of the sea has 2 colors! Probably due to the water running from the Golden Waterfall, due to heavy metal reactions that causes the two color. Well, after this short stop, it’s time to continue our journey to one of the biggest street food night market in Taiwan – Keelung Miao Kou Night Market.

Huang Jin Pu Bu.
Nice abandoned building! Got feel got feel.
Ying Yang Sea!
Continued on the journey to Keelung! =)
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