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Somewhere Around Buckingham Street and Campbell Street, Penang


You know, I really wish that there’s more shops to walk around in downtown, the George Town, the capital city of Penang. There’s full of old and classical and beautiful heritage building and architecture which makes people feels good, just like me. I wonder why there’s no developer make a shopping street in town so that people can appreciate the UNESCO status of Penang more.


People prefer to go walk at the shopping mall rather than travel around the city. The city is like a place more to the tourist then the local. Hmm.

There’s one street in Penang that has a great potential to develop into a shopping street like the Campbell Street connecting to the Buckingham Street at the end. It was a glory back in 80’s where Chinese pioneered the shops here with friendly people and shoplots. But as years goes on, shop owner moves away to other place as they don’t really own the shop.

Grandpa had a furniture shop here 10 years back but it’s no more right now as the owner stop renting the place. If plan well, this street can be a great place for the local to hang out with cool heritage architecture. Let it be cafes, fashion boutique and restaurants, it will be so awesome.

If I am rich, I’ll buy and develop this place, but too bad I am not rich. HAHA. Penang State Government and Penang Development Corp., please do something to bring back the glory of Campbell Street. =D

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