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Snow In Newcastle

Snow In Newcastle – I finally see the first snow of the season in Newcastle after like 2 months of Winter. I thought winter is skipped for this year as the temperature and weather seems pretty constant since Autumn, wet and windy and no sign of snow before this except 5 minutes of hailing back in November, and I also thought that I never get to see snow in my one year study in United Kingdom, and have to go to the SnowWorld @ Genting Highland to experience it, but oh yeah, it snowed just now, for like 10 minutes, stopped and snowed again!

I was working on my assignment, only until my friend text me and told me that it’s snowing out there. I quickly popped my head out of the window with excitement, it’s dark out there, but yeah, it was snowing, heavily. Too bad it was dark, so I didn’t really bother to head out for some photos. Though, I did grab my camera and started shooting and flashing the sky from the bathroom window which has a better view of the bright highway. The road users must be feeling weird and ‘WTF is that’ that there’s flashlights flashing off the window.

It snowed for like half an hour, not much, but hey, at least, I saw snow! I am anticipating Newcastle covered in white snow, hopefully, as it’s not really a common scene. The last time I saw snow was in Zakopane, Poland and Poprad, Slovakia, it was not snowing, but the street and railway tracks covered in snow. For a person like me who came from a tropical country, snowing is like alien thing to me. The Americans might be hating the snow now, but I am looking forward, by this month? =D By the way, do you like it when it snows?

It does looks like rain. I captured this from the window at my bathroom.

A little bit of snow, covering the bench.

Not too white.

Snowing In Newcastle
A little bit of snow covering the bridge at Northumbria University.

Snowing In Newcastle

Snowing In Newcastle

Snowing In Newcastle

Snowing In Newcastle

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