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Penang Bridge Run, Shiok!

Shiok is, excited, fun.

I just love running on the bridge. Sad lah, I didn’t bring my camera along, if do sure snap a lot of picture. First time join this event. I am a noob runner so, I am in the Fun Run category, join the fun with thousands of people. Running on the high way and Penang bridge.

You can hardly get a chance to walk on the highway and Penang Bridge. Unless, your car broke down. Haha! Didn’t expect there were so much people. Slept at 10 the night before then woke up at 4am. Had Milo, bun with egg.

Bring nothing, but my iPod Shuffle filled with all the hot tunes. I got no confident that I can finish the run before 7am. I gain confident when I got there at the registration area when I saw so many high school student and young kid as young as 5-6-7 years old I think.

Also, didn’t expect there got so many leng lui. HAHAHAHA. But my main objective is to finish the run and not see leng lui. I wonder is it a good idea to listen to MP3 while running, as your sweats get in the the earpiece. I stop my music in the middle of the bridge when U turn back that time. More fun listening to people run then music.

Walk Walk Run Run Walk Walk. At start, I walk, fast walk, walk until high way there, then start to run, non-stop, till almost middle of the bridge, then walk, then run, then run walk run walk. HAHA.

I ran 10km one and finish at almost 7am. Got a certificate or participation. Finish line was at USM, so many people. I think got 20k peoples or more. The pro run for 44km full marathon, then semi pro go for 22km. Haha

Free juices, free isotonic drinks, free cereals, free coffee, free papers, free voucher via lucky draw, free Milo, free goodies bags with lots of can drinks and don’t know got free what already.

The fun part is
-Get to “walk” on the Penang Bridge.
-Go back class and tell everyone I went to the Penang Bridge run, no one go, all noob. HAHA
-See leng lui? Ahem. HELLO! I not pervert k. LOL.
-Good night sleep later.
-Gain stamina.

Next year definitely go again, see you there! Don’t which category to join next year.

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    June 24, 2007 at 8:06 pm

    wakaka…you a runner too? Ooooo… got certificate too. Congrats 🙂


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