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Newcastle United vs Manchester City At St. James Park

Newcastle United vs Manchester City At St. James Park – I am not a football fans, I do not know much about the football scene, but football, or soccer being the most popular sports in England, how can I not go to the stadium to catch a football match? I guess at the same time, I should brush up my football knowledge too!
I don’t know what’s my favourite football team, I only knew that I select Manchester United most of the time when playing Fifa 2000 on the PlayStation. Haha. Very luckily, there’s happened to be a football match few weeks back at St. James’ Park Stadium, home stadium to the Newcastle United and it was a match under the Capital One Cup. The away team was Manchester City. Best part of all, the ticket to the match costed only £15! Premiere League’s ticket is about £40 on average.
Without a Newcastle United jersey on, I wandered into the stadium with a bunch of newbie Asian, and sat ourselves among a whole gang of Newcastle United fans. Woah! The stadium is not as huge as I thought but the field was like so close to me! Now I know it’s cool to watch a match at the stadium than on ESPN, it’s just a bit weird where you can’t hear the commentary. Atmosphere was just brilliant with fans chanting and singing the football’s club anthem. It’s just feels great, and cold of course.
Not a beautiful stadium for St. James Park, but the experience was worthwhile. I just shout and cheer as the person in front does. I’ve to say Newcastle United fans are diehard fans, without them the match would be different. They even applause when there’s no goal, it’s just a way to support the player, “Good shot”.
Unfortunately, the 90 minutes ended with a tie of 0-0. Extra time added and Manchester City won the game with 2 goals. I would say my £15 was well spent as I got 120 minutes of football match. Haha. Good experience after all.
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