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My Experience In Saturday In Design Singapore

My Experience In Saturday In Design Singapore – In May this year of 2011, I and part of my class of Diploma In Interior Design friends, as well as my lecturer Mr CK Foo all together visited a design event in Singapore called the Saturday In Design, Singapore.

Originally this event is a yearly event in the Australia where designer’s furniture shop, product designs and design studios open up their place to design lovers to visit, communicate, interact and enjoy the design, but it came to Singapore for the first time and we were pretty excited

Chair at Morroso.

What we have visited was mainly furniture shops. These furniture are not typical house furniture but they are premium, expensive, branded and are designed by well-known product and furniture designers all around the world.

All the station (shops and studio) located at different zone, spread out in the city of Singapore. We have our Malaysia bus who ferry us around different station. There were also van to bring you around if you are in a group or if you are in a person or two, you get a luck to be drove around by Mercedez car which is actually their main sponsors for the shuttle service around the stations.

Paper lamp shade.

It’s really an eye opening trip which most of the brands were quite new to me and I was really inspired by some of the designs. I also saw that the price for those designer’s products is pretty expensive too.

Wei Kean, me, Zhi Inn and Nita.

Nice shop houses! Really very colourful and nice. I hope Penang’s can be like this.

Connie, Wanyi, Nita and Mellysa.

We got free Instax too!

We actually started our tour and visits at about 11am and ended the whole thing at 5pm because we were rushing back to Malaysia that night. Despite being 6 hours in Singapore, we couldn’t cover all of the stations, we left about 2 which we did not able to visit.

We were in fact rushing from station to station with time. We did not have a proper lunch but then our stomach was satisfied and filled with excitement and pleasantly delicious snacks and light food which were served by almost all of the stations. They were mainly Western cocktails style snacks and light meals which were pretty good in mouth and also did a good job for preventing my stomach from growling.

Awesome office which I like!

Nice big red chair!

I signed my name there too!

Innovative, a good way to place your chopstick.

Food was just so awesome which makes us wanted more and more.

Checking out a cool office design.

Shanghai is written!

Nice cut out of brown boxes cardboard art featuring the Statue of Liberty.

I believe this is somewhere in Chinatown.

Birdman Wesley.

Well, would probably visit again in the next event, and if there’s an opportunity for me, I would like to visit the actual one in Australia. =D

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