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Ipoh: Burps & Giggles – Cafe With Interesting Concept and Feel

The old school five foot path, or called Varendah, or in Hokkien – Goh Kha Ki.

Ipoh: Burps & Giggles – Cafe With Interesting Concept and Feel – Let’s go to Ipoh now shall we? It’s getting a trend that old Chinese shophouses in Malaysia are converting into art cafe/restaurant with vintage feeling, or contemporary style. It’s either super modern or go back to the old school way of decoration. Penang has many of them and Ipoh too, has one very cool one – Burps & Giggles located in the old town area.

Let’s go in…. Nice door by the way.
The indoor section, here it’s air conditioned.

It’s actually quite easy to find, located in the old town which is near to those famous Lou Wong, and old school kopitiam. The two tiny shophouses are converted into one not-very-big cafe, in fact it’s kinda cramp in there with many tables and chairs setting up near each other.

The interiors is cool, has a two section where one is semi-open and one is indoor with the kitchen located here. It was a Saturday noon and it’s so crowded when me and lovely Clarice arrived there.

The cafe spanned all the way to the back lane where you still can find some seats outdoor which something I’ve never seen before. Connecting to the back of the building is another cool attraction – Sekeping Kong Heng where there’s kopitiam (coffee house) at the bottom and rusted and modern designed homestay hotel at the above.

The cafe itself is a nice place for photography as it’s vibrant and colourful. It’s not really a good place for long chat as it’s very noisy when it’s full of people; but having a meal at the semi-open area seems more comfortable and got feel than the indoor one.

Open-kitchen, so you might get smelly, or the other way, you can smell the aroma of the food cooking.
Lovely pastry! I want them all please!
The wall.
Lazy lane, door to the back lane seating.
The backlane.
The backlane with seats.
Well……. to the toilet.
Semi-open area with bar and sofa seating. Lovely isn’t it? There’s tree inside some more!

Let’s talk about food. They offer western food like burger, sandwiches and pastry! Being a very authentic Asian, I am not familiar with western food, I only know about chicken chop and fish and chips. Haha, but of course, I am always ready to try new stuff. =D I think it’d been like a month I’ve visited this place so I’ve forgotten about the food name, so anyway, I’ll let the photo bom your eyes and mind.

Burger, grilled chicken, vegetable, sauce, something something.
Something pastry something with lots of cheese and chicken again.
A cup of earl grey from TWG. Is it true that earl grey taste like your soap?
Love Clarice and me.

So, yeah. This is it. Some place is meant to be visit once, moreover Ipoh is not my hometown. What I really like is the way, the concept they decorate the place.

Burps & Giggles,95, Jalan Sultan Yussuf, Ipoh, Perak.
Tel: 05-242-6188
Open 8am-8pm, except Tuesdays.

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