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Hueisean At Masjid Kapitan Keling

I never know that we can visit the famous Masjid Kapitan Keling (Kapitan Keling Mosque) on Pitt Street just until recently I saw photos taken from that mosque, only then I know it’s actually open to everyone. Visit it not because of being religious, it’s just because of curious and want to check out the historical building and culture of it.

This is very famous mosque in Penang and is located in the UNESCO World Heritage City of George Town. I knew this mosque for quite some times as when I was a kid, I always played at the five foot path outside the mosque. My grandparents once lived near to the mosque.

I went there on one fine afternoon with my dear, Hueisean and she was the model for my camera that day. Haha. The day was rather sunny and cloudy, it’s just something in between where the big red Sun comes out in a while and hide behind the moon sometimes.

The mosque is built by the Indian Muslim in the 19th century and there’s locate the very famous Nasi Beratur (Queuing Rice) that operates after 10pm. Nasi Beratur is a Malay dishes stall that have people queuing up anxiously for their food every night. It had been there for more than 10 years and people are still queuing patiently for it everynight.

We didn’t really knew the Muslim culture well as girls actually need to wear something to cover up the whole body to go in. She has a sleeveless shirt and luckily she brought a jacket. I was all set with jeans and polo-tee. It’s a respect to the religion and culture.

In conjunction with the recent George Town Festival month, they have set up a huge poster of old-Penang in their compound, decorated with a little bit of sands and box of crates, which give a sense of back-to-the-days. It allows people to bring their mind back to the olden days and imagine about how Penang was like back then.

Actually, there’s nothing much to tour about inside, it’s just a short walk along the corridor and we are not allow to step into the hall. Shoes are of course not allow. Nevertheless, it’s a nice place to visit and good to learn about others culture.

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