Guard Your Renewable Energy Business With Jim Mcaluney

As the nation sets its sights on greener, more eco-friendly power sources, the demand for renewable energy businesses has surged. Due to the nature of these businesses, they are especially vulnerable to natural disasters. Jim McAluney, one of Hawaii’s premier insurance brokers, can help you guard your renewable energy business from the harmful effects of Mother Nature.
Here are some types of insurance that Jim McAluney may recommend for your business:
  • Flood, Earthquake & Hurricane Insurance. In the renewable energy field, your business relies heavily on the elements as a power source. When these give way to extremes, your equipment may be at stake. Flood, earthquake and hurricane insurance allows you to ensure that you are able to replace this equipment if it becomes damaged by natural disaster.
Since 1996, Jim McAluney has been helping top Hawaiian businesses manage their risks.  Jim worked for an environmental contractor before 1996, making him especially equipped to handle the needs of your business.
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