Going Digital: What Stephen Finfer And Other Photographers Can Expect In The Next Few Years

The increasing popularity of mobile cameras has had a significant impact on many segments of the photography industry. Photojournalists can now use smartphones to shoot and send still photos to their editors and can append accompanying text with just a few keystrokes. These photos can also be distributed worldwide in a matter of seconds. Time Magazine’s coverage of Hurricane Sandy in 2012 is one of the most famous examples of digital photography supplanting traditional photo shoots; the reporters on the scene shot still photos using advanced mobile devices and immediately uploaded those photos for use in both online and print versions of Time. As mobile technologies continue to increase in power and in public use, digital photography strategies are likely to achieve a greater share of the photographic technology market.
Photojournalism and the Everyman Syndrome
Twitter and Facebook have made it possible for individuals not directly involved in the journalism field to release breaking news and to serve as reporters within the online community. These venues are ideal for digital photography uploads and can provide information that may not be available through traditional news sources. According to a recent Pew Research survey, 39 percent of respondents obtained news from an online source or through a mobile feed within one day of contact with pollsters. This figure is likely to increase significantly as full saturation in the mobile and online marketplaces becomes a reality.
Portrait Photography
One of the last strongholds of traditional photography, the professional portrait marketplace still employs digital technologies in the production and finishing stages of these photos. Stephen Finfer, the founder of Arthouse Entertainment and a professional portrait photographer to the stars, maintains a full array of equipment designed specifically for capturing moments during performances and in the studio environment. Film photography is ideal for ensuring the full range of color and the fine details necessary for celebrity portraits and performance stills. During the editing phase, however, digital techniques are becoming more practical and more popular among photographers like Stephen Finfer who depend on precise framing and centering to help their portraits come alive for the viewer.
Commercial Photography
Family portraits, senior pictures. and wedding photos are the bread-and-butter of many smaller photography studios. Digital technologies are making these processes easier and faster for photographers who depend on bulk orders to maintain their profitability. Especially in difficult economic times, digitizing the photographic process and upgrading to faster, more efficient equipment can boost productivity and allow added input from clients on the shots they most prefer. Digital images can be evaluated on the fly and can be printed immediately for added convenience. This can allow immediate production of identification cards and badges, custom printing for mugs, pens and promotional materials and an improved customer service experience for clients of the commercial photo studio.
As digital photography improves and the quality of these images increases, more journalists, commercial studios and portrait photographers are likely to adopt some elements of digitization into their everyday workflows. Digital technologies will play a significant role in the artworks, iconic photographs and news dissemination outlets available in coming years. By exploring these advanced options now, photographers can remain on the cutting edge of the industry and ensure their profitability in this ever-changing marketplace.
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