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Get Super Cool Skin For Your Gadget With Hydraskins


With so many same gadget out there, everyone having the same iPad, laptop, MacBook, iPad and other, it’s very hard to distinguish your uniqueness and coolness with other. But now, I have found a solution and that is Hydraskins!


Hydraskins is actually decal skin for your gadget like tablet and laptop and they have many design you can choose from, or even better if you are a designer or photographer, you can have your own print on it. The decal is very good quality and does not leaves any stain after peeling off too.


Recently, I got a limited edition of the Apollo 18 movie poster skin from Hydraskin and it looks really cool to me. I really like the quality very much and fit my laptop nicely.


Other features include that it’s water resistant, scratch resistant, reusable and easily clean! And of course, best part is no stain or anything after removing.

Well, I’m gonna design my own decal skin already, I think it would be fun and cool!

You can check out more about Hydraskins at the website or Like the Facebook page too for more contest and cool stuff!

Check out the Apollo 18 movie trailer too! I am so looking forward to it.


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