First Day of Tiger Chinese New Year

This year’s Chinese New Year fell on the date same as the Valentine’s Day. Still remember last year that I went to Chin Ping’s place to BBQ and celebrate the day together, this year is different already, I am single, no Valentine, and the whole day was with my brother, my mother, my father and everyone at home. Also it’s also the day people came to visit and received a lot of ang bao. Very fun.

IMG_3872 by nicholaschan.
Looking at the Star Map on my phone early in the morning. So bright, where got star?

I then only realized that I took not many photos on that day, perhaps that I was busy collecting money in ang bao (red packet) and eating Chinese New Year’s tidbits. Yummy.

IMG_3876 by nicholaschan.

IMG_3878 by nicholaschan.

This year was a little bit different, brother and I woke up pretty late in the morning, it’s almost noon. Freshen up, wishes my dear daddy and mommy and I received ang bao from them. Then same like every year, we will go to grandma place for brunch and gong hei fatt choi to everyone. What’s different was that we stopped there, didn’t go visit relative’s place already where the Chinese calls this kind of visit during CNY as bai nian.

IMG_3883 by nicholaschan.

Instead, relatives came over to grandma place and they talked and gave me ang bao. ^^

IMG_3885 by nicholaschan.

For me, there’s nothing much to do except saying GONG HEI FATT CHOI, eating and drinking.

IMG_3888 by nicholaschan. IMG_3889 by nicholaschan.

Stayed there till late afternoon then we went back home to sleep. And at night, no idea where to eat and we ordered pizza and grandma and cousins of mommy’s side came over to my place to eat PIZZA. =D So weird. No cinema for us because it’s damn fully booked and sold out. OMG.

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