Cycling In George Town: Esplanade Padang, Chew Jetty, Jelutong Nautilus Bay

Cycling In George Town: Esplanade Padang, Chew Jetty, Jelutong Nautilus Bay – Our route were unplanned, we just rode to wherever we could think of at that time. We were on the way to Esplanade Padang on the previous post to check out the spicy yet delicious Mee Sotong at the Padang Kota Food Court. Not much stalls opened due to Ramadhan month but it was just nice that both the Mee Sotong and drinks stall were open.

Alright, one plate of Mee Sotong and share among us! Not really hungry, just to try out the taste as introduced by Merritt the organizer. Tasted spicy! But then it’s good with lots of crunchy fried anchovies ikan bilis.

The field, Padang Kota Lama / Esplanade.
Swettemham Pier for cruise docking.
Tanjung City Marina, docking for yatch. Too bad, no more yatch as most yatch now docks at Straits Quay.
Name check: Merritt, Charles, Yan Chien Chern, Shi Jie,
After a little bit of rest, started our ride again, out of Esplanade and to the famous Chew Jetty. Stopped by at some random carpark by the sea and at Tanjung City Marina before reaching Chew Jetty. The weather was windy scorching hot! Windy from the ride, yet scorching hot upon stopping.
Charles, Merritt and Chien Chern!

Awesome foreign expats park their little yatch in the middle of the sea. They came to George Town for shopping.
Little yatch.
Lim Chong Eu Expressway. Speed limit: 80km/h.

Where to, now? Don’t really have an idea, and randomly someone suggested Jelutong’s Nautilus Bay. That’s a bit of craziness as it’s out of George Town, a short section of highway ride on the motorcycle lane. Didn’t bother much and we went there. It was exciting yet dangerous to ride on the same lane with the fast motorcycle as we couldn’t really follow the speed of the motorcycle. What it was just strong gush of wind and sound every moment the motorcycle passed by you. About 10 minutes on the little Lim Chong Eu Expressway and we arrived at the Nautilus Bay, Sungai Pinang, Jelutong.

Penang’s landmark – Penang Bridge.

Ugly side of Sungai Pinang, what an eye sore look of this place.
Nice network of jogging path and landscape.
Landmark of Nautilus Bay, the 4 tiang (columns).
Hidden Taoist temple of don’t know what.

A new area in Penang, with sea front residential and some shoplots. Some calls it the ‘new Gurney Drive’ Obviously, it has a cleaner sea than Gurney Drive and you can get a good view of Penang Bridge and Butterworth,  Explored a bit of this area, found that they have a good jogging path, we cycled along it and found a hidden temple deep on the other side of the area. Enjoy a bit of the sea breeze and we headed back to George Town, for some photograph with the bicycle mural, motorbike mural and dinner. =) Check out next post.

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