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Chinese Opera At Penang Kuan Yin Temple

It’s the Chinese Hungry Ghost Month now and you will see some ghost set-up stages around town. These stages are used for performing Chinese street concert (kotai) and performance like Chinese opera which is said as an entertainment for the “people” of afterlife.

Sounds eerie ya? No worry, it’s just another happenings celebration by the Chinese. Last month, there’s a 30 days-long Chinese opera show at the Penang’s famous Kuan Yin Temple on Pitt Street. It’s not for the hungry ghost festival but it’s for the birthday celebration of Kuan Yin Goddess – the Goddess Of Mercy.

The Chinese opera show was performs by a group of Chinese performers came directly from China. I wanted to check it out earlier already but it’s was not showing or finished every time I went to check it out. Last week, it was the last show of the Chinese opera and I was lucky to be there to catch the show.

Spent some times checking out the show. I think they are really cool, especially the make up and the setting. Even though I don’t know what they are talking about on the stage, it some sort of Chinese dialect, but I think it’s really nice to see. Unfortunately there wasn’t any LED display showing subtitles, some Chinese opera shows are quite high tech with LED display showing subtitle in Chinese which makes the show more understandable.

Combination of acting, cool make up, Chinese music instrument and setting give a sense of, CHINA.

The show was actually meant for the Goddess Of Mercy so there’s no chairs prepared. So you can see people brought their own chair to see the show.

What do you think about Chinese Opera?

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