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Cadbury Pop It Or Drop It Ground Event At Pavilion

[ADV] Hello people. Last week, I went to Pavilion at Bukit Bintang to check out the Cadbury Choclairs Pop It Or Drop It Ground Event! Yes, you are right, it’s the ground event, not the Internet Facebook game that I introduced few weeks back.

It’s the real thing where people play the real game instead of playing on the keyboard. Damn cool you know. The event started at about 12pm and ended at around 4.30pm. I was around there to join the fun, see what were the contestants doing and having fun. The whole event was pretty interesting.

It was not really a sunny day, drizzled a little bit in the afternoon but luckily the drizzle did not stop the game from going on. However, the cloudy day made it a nice day to spend some times outdoor. I see people were having fun at the Cadbury Choclairs Pop It Or Drop It game. They were just playing hard to win the grand prize which is a ticket for 4 to Gold Coast, Australia!

The game goes like this actually which two participants have to race to the end, the fastest duo wins away the prizes. There’s different part of the game. The first part is the Bungee Dash is like tug of war. The player has to ran against the pulling to get hold of the big Cadbury Choclairs.

Then he need to bounce up the to the top at the next station, then slide down. It’s bounce, or jump, not climb. =D Then he has to slide down and find 10 mini balls.


After that, he will need to pop the balloons with only using the ass which sounds funny and fun.

After successfully popping the balloon, he will then need to climb up a spiderweb where chocolate milk is pouring from top as a chocolate rain. He will bath in chocolate, and he then reaches the final check point and TIME! Sounds interesting right? I actually like the chocolate rain part where people really can taste the chocolate with just an open of the mouth! I wanted to play so badly, just however that I did not bring any extra clothing to change. Aduh.

Besides the big game, there’s also small games like popping Choclairs on a big screen and treasure hunt on Choclairs which leaded to a handphone prize! It’s like a mini games and prizes carnival set up by Cadbury. Very fun.

Besides that, I was not so lucky to win the lucky draw which the prizes were handphone and cash!




And lastly, there’s the prize giving ceremony and want to congrats the winner for winning the ticket to Australia! OMG. I want it so badly. Haha.

ONE MORE THING, remember to check out Choclairs Malaysia’s Facebook Page for more and more about the event and some upcoming cool stuff by them. It’s really very awesome, go LIKE the page, enjoy and HAVE FUN! Choco BOOM!

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