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Brother’s Commencement @ NUS University Cultural Centre

Brother’s Commencement @ NUS University Cultural Centre – My big brother is now a real big brother! He has finally graduated from National University Of Singapore as of 2012 and he is now a truely professional working adult. I am so proud of him. It had been so many years that he went for studies in Singapore, more than 10 years already and time flies. I still remembered when I was still a little kid, following parents and him to Singapore for the first time long time ago.

Singapore, is now not stranger to us. I have visited Singapore for more than 10 times and it’s another familiar place to me. I went to his graduation ceremony few weeks back in one of the top university in Singapore and Asia – National University of Singapore. They called it Commencement (American-style) instead of convocation (British-style), it’s like a commencement to a new journey of life. Sounds cool. I was his personal photographer on that day, following him around to take photos of him with his friends.

At Universtiy Cultural Centre where the ceremony took place, it’s a sea of graduates in academical regalia, it invokes a feeling in me to study hard to wear on one in the future. Diploma is not enough for me, I shall go on to Honours Degree. =) Being knowledgeable and smart is just so cool!

Brother and his girlfriend from the same school and course.

Few more years for my turn but for now, study hard, live hard. Congratulates to my brother, Yikhung. =)


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