Big Clamp Crab

Today, I went to a restaurant at Gurney Drive near the “beach” to have my lunch and I saw this special crab. Before going into crab, while I put ” ” between beach, because it is not actually beach, no ivory golden sand, but dirty ugly mud and it was low tide.

Have you ever seen this kind of crab which only have 1 big clamp and its body is very small? This is my first time seen it. My mom asked the worker there, they said that this is call Tua Gong(Big Clamp) crab, crab which only has one big clamp and other is very small and meatless. People only eat its clamp and this kind crab can’t grow bigger.

I saw a lot there, very lot. Somehow, the restaurant worker said that the crab there is not big enough, but they sometimes will catch it also. Here, people catch this kind of crab at Butterworth there.

This 2 are fighting.

Loves crab?

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    June 13, 2007 at 12:24 pm

    Do I love crabs? Yea…if they are cheese baked, BBQ, sweet & sour, black pepper, steamed, cooked in Maggi Mee 😛 Ooops…forgot that they are high in cholesteral…hehe


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