Beachfront Style With Melissa Ruzylo Of Huntington Beach

Creating an elegant and relaxed setting for entertaining or enjoying the balmy climate of southern California is second nature for Melissa Ruzylo of Huntington Beach. A few basic elements can make any house a restful and delightful retreat after the stresses and responsibilities of the working day. Here are some hints for bringing the beach to your home design plans.

Less Is More

Creating an uncluttered look and choosing accessories carefully can establish the basis for a beautiful beachfront look inside your home. A few well-chosen accent pieces can provide focal points for each room and can establish a theme. Seashells, fishing nets and other reminders of the sea and the beach are a solid foundation for your beachfront decorating scheme. Floor treatments should be simple and functional. Consider tatami mats or hardwood flooring to complete your home’s cool and comfortable look.


Simple earth tones with hints of brilliant color can evoke the feeling of the beach and can provide a restful retreat for your whole family. Deep blues and serene greens against a cool sand-colored background are ideal choices for bedrooms and bathrooms. Golden accents can provide a splash of sunny visual appeal in kitchens and other living areas of the home.

One of the most important elements in beachfront living is the open-plan styling that so many beach homes enjoy. Putting patios and decks to good use as outdoor entertainment areas can open up new vistas for guests and can provide a real indoor-outdoor living experience for homeowners, even if they are nowhere near the open sea.

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