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BBQ At Steve’s

BBQ At Steve’s – 5-6 weeks to go till the final presentation of this final semester of my diploma, then I’m officially an interior designer. With this much of assignment stress going on, I just hardly fork out a little time for leisure, I am getting anti-social and my friend is my keyboard, mouse, sketchbook and Artline. Somehow, in between this assignment-busy-ness, I and a few classmates managed to find a night to do some BBQ. At least, it takes away a night of thinking at the project. Yay!
Steve’s house was the host of the BBQ, a very small scale BBQ with lots of chicken wings, lots of sausages, fish balls (when I say lot, it’s really a lot), fish, corns, enoki mushroom and some cooked food. Very budget BBQ, as I said, very small scale BBQ, but pretty satisfying and full.
One more thing, it’d been 3 years in between this and my last BBQ! What a long time. Great! I want more!
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