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Youth Jam 2011 At Penang Times Square

Last weekend’s Youth Jam 2011 (Powered by SONY Malaysia), organized by Penang Youths was a blast because it had so many awesome activities and great prizes for the youth. It was an event for the youth, organized by the youth leaders of Penang which they called it the Penang Youth and I saw it’s a pretty good approach on getting young people together and have a little carnival-liked thingy for them to enjoy.

My friend was part of the organizing team and as a support, I went to check out what’s around there on day 1 and day 2. I feel the idea and the concept of the event is pretty good, somehow that I feel the crowds were not strong enough, and if there’s fun fair around then it’s perfect.

Graffiti Competition, congrats to Jin Xin who got champion.

Though, the activities was pretty interesting, like treasure hunt, photography competition, blogger awards, graffiti competition, dance and cheerleading workshop, food competition, cosplay showcase and the best part was the talent search. I think the talent search event was awesome because it attracted so many talented people to come and join the audition at first.

Well, another great thing to talk about was the prizes! The prizes for all the competition were really awesome as there were big cash prizes, lots of DSLR and Sony Cybershots cameras, hampers, and even get signed by a local producing company for the talent search champion.

I myself submitted my blog for the youth blog awards and I won the Best Content Award and Best Food Blog Award. This shows that Penang has not many blogger, yet. Haha.

After visiting the event for 2 days, I felt the best parts were receiving my award and see the talent search competition final as my high school friend, Ang Min Sheng got the Golden Ticket (Highest Like Vote on Facebook) who went straight to the final with his partner, Jerry. Their group name is Hardwater, which actually a translation from Penang Hokkien – Ngeh Zhui, which means being insisting. Haha.

I went to show my support and went to check out others too. All the finalists were really powerful and now I realized that in a talent search competition, singing just one song or showing of a kind of performance is not enough. Now is about mash-up and multi-talent. Almost every finalist created their own mash-up and sang various songs in their performance. Cool.


The talent search was like a concert because the contestant knows their stage act well, like how to cheer the crowds. Really cool. If there’s more people at there, then it will be real cool, just too bad there’s not much people checking the competition that day.

Lio Yi Jun who was the project director.

Jazz Tan, the managing director for the event and Penang Youths.

Saatesh, my NS friend.

The Chung Ling High School friends. Min Sheng, Jerry, me, Yong Fu, Huan Jie and Ren Yu.

Well, did meet some friends at there too besides just checking out the talent search competition.

One last cool thing was there’s a Michael Jackson imposter who was real young and really super “Michael Jackson” and powerful. Like all his dance move, he was so MJ!

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