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Yesterday At Kuala Selangor


Yesterday At Kuala Selangor – A spontaneous visit to the fishing village – Kuala Selangor on yesterday with my uncle. It turns out many of my relatives were there at my uncle’s place. It’d been some times that I have been to this peaceful fishing town 60km away from Kuala Lumpur. Since it’s still first week of my semester, I am still free to go anywhere. =D

Dodol machine.

Getting away from the busy city seems kinda fun too many as Kuala Lumpur can be boring some times. I pretty like the countryside area where you can see beautiful sunset, a clear sky with less air pollution, the sweet sound of nature and the friendly people.

Fresh crabs.

No, I don’t want to live at the countryside, but I enjoy being at there, for leisure and relax. It’s just fun.

Had a sumptuous fresh seafood dinner there cooked by my aunty and it’s nothing that you can find in the city. =D

By the way, I’m getting away to Malacca for the weekend, any new place to visit? 

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