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Yellow Penang Chung Ling High School

Yellow Penang Chung Ling High School

Yellow Penang Chung Ling High School – Back to my high school last weekend and surprised to see that the make over of the front school facade has done. They have repainted the school yellow colour! It’s the bright yellow colour. Looking weird, very weird, but somehow, cool I guess.

It’d been very long time that I didn’t visit my high school. I miss it quite a lot actually. 2012, this is my third year after leaving high school already. I went there to visit my Leo Club friends where the school was having the annual CCA Open Day.

The school was beige in colour back then, I wonder who suggest yellow colour. A little information is that yellow colour is one of the colour in Chung Ling High School’s emblem.

Random #1: The police cadet so serious.

Random #2: LCD screens are everywhere in school!

Random #2.1: Oooo, so it’s Samsung.

Random #3: Look disgusting, but we like! Chung Ling-style fried egg.

Random #4: The stand of the motorcycle sunken into the tar road. WOW.

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