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Went to Visit a Themed House Which Is Still Under Renovation

The house will be like a themed house. I was free yesterday so I went to check out a very cool house which is still under renovation, will be done when I come back from NS. Woo!

  • There’s many flat screen panel, for entertainment and for display purpose.
  • There’s high tech toilet bowl with heater although here is a tropical country.
  • There’s a aeroplane head in the house.
  • There’s a 4 wall-mirrored toilet.
  • There’s a dining table with grilling service.
  • There’s pool table, game area and driving games.
  • There’s movie zone.
  • There’s nice indoor jacuzzi.
  • And more!

All-mirrored toilet.

Hanging aladdin seat to watch TV.

Lots of flat screen panel.

Jacuzzi in bedroom.

Now I most interested is the aeroplane head in the house, wonder how will it look like. Seems cool. Whose house? Come back in June when I get back from NS! =D

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