Went To Medical Check Up For NS

Everybody! I will be going to National Service, to serve the my lovely country for two months plus! Please don’t forget me and remember to miss me. Haha. I will be going away this Sunday, 28th March 2010 and I will only be back on 12nd June 2010.

So between this time, the ways to contact me are drop me a message on Facebook, email me or text me.But then, I can’t reply and read your message straight away, I may get to use the computer, but not many time.

It’s a once in a life time process, it’s that I am lucky to be chosen for the program and I am ready to go for it right now.

IMG_7969 by nicholaschan.

The PLKN (Program Latihan Khidmat Negara) department is really slow. I only received my letter about it on Tuesday. It’s a registered post, I wasn’t at home that time and I needed to go the post office to retrieve it. Work for me, but nevermind, I was free.

There’s nothing much inside the letter. It’s about me being chosen, where is the meet-up point, forms, approval letter for parents to use M-16 rifle, little guide and medical check up notice.

IMG_8036 by nicholaschan

I was required to go for medical check up at the nearest government clinic or the general hospital. This is to ensure my physical and mental are fit for the program. I am a healthy person, so I am so fit for it, I guess. I actually wanted to go to check up at general hospital, but then mom said it’s far and need to go through a lot of procedure so asked me to go to the government clinic.

IMG_8037 by nicholaschan

IMG_8038 by nicholaschan

At the clinic, it’s so simple only. No urine test or blood test. Doctor just asked orally about my healthy and physical thing. LOL, real easy job for the doctor. I also didn’t want to go through all the hassel, so fast come, fast go.

IMG_8040 by nicholaschan

Spent half an hour in the clinic, done. Go home. I am fit for the program. LOL

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  • Bob
    March 26, 2010 at 4:30 pm

    Good luck with the NS ! Peace !


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