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Warsaw: Ulica Nowy Świat – The High Street Of The City

Eastern Europe Trip // Warsaw: Ulica Nowy Świat – The High Street Of The City – After checking into the hostel (Jump Inn), the not-that-friendly receptionist ad pointed a few attractions in the city, and it seems that there’s really not much things to do. Warsaw is the capital of Poland but it’s not a famous tourist destination as there’s not much attractions. Could it be the influence of communist that I felt a bit like in China when I was in Warsaw.

Night falls early during winter and we had not eat anything since the last meal at London’s Stansted! Hungry and cold, and being alien to the place, we didn’t know what to eat. The name ‘Kebab King’ gave a familiar impression, and there’s just plenty of ‘Kebab King’ along the street, I guess it’s one of their local fast food chain that serves kebab. Interestingly, the kebab was good, finished everything in less than 15 minutes for four of us. Bravo.

Without any target destination, four of us just spend the night walking along Ul. Nowy Świat – a street that I consider it equivalent to standard European’s High St., like Oxford Street of London. Brands were boring and not much of food neither. The road stretch all the way to Stare Miasto (Old Town) and did has quite some nice Christmas lighting along the road, which I find it more interesting than London! The Ul. Nowy Świat is of course, one of the attraction in Warsaw. I did ask the reception about Christmas Market in Warsaw, but she said, no. Hmm?

In a foreign city out of Asia, and you are craving to see Chinese/Asian, there’s two place you can find them, one – Louis Vuitton and other branded label, two – the casino.

h tram, a public transport that hardly make sure everyone pays their ticket.

orking in a manhole.

his is Kebab King, the McDonald’s of Kebab.

University of Warsaw with a grand entrance. Moreover located on such a nice location.

Presidential Palace of Warsaw. Lovely!

A patch of shity ice. Guess I missed the snow falls.

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