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Walk Around Bukit Bintang and Uniqlo on an Early Friday Morning

Last Friday, I went to town alone early in the morning to send my dropped-super-damaged-Tamron-lens to the service centre (Futoromic) at Berjaya Times Square. I didn’t want to go back to Penang to send back to the original shop that I bought my lens because they will eventually send to KL again. Since I am in KL right now so I might as well send in directly to the service centre.

So what happened to my lens? I dropped to the ground from my height and cannot focus, cannot turn, and got crack. Haha. They called and the fixing charges is around RM450. Still better than getting a new lens. =) Now is waiting to go collect my lens.

Haven’t been to Times Square for quite some time. It’s not really a good shopping mall. Selling stuff like Sungei Wang or Prangin Mall in Penang. The indoor theme park is still on, heard a little bit of scream but doesn’t fancy me anymore because I have been in there when it was first opened many years back.

After sending the stuff to service. It was still early and it’s like only 11 in the morning. I decided not to go back so early but go check out the newly open Uniqlo at Fahrenheit 88. People have been talking about it for the past few weeks. Heard that there were super duper long queue during opening. What for?

There’s a new broadband/mobile network in town, using the 4G spectrum and it’s YES by YTL. Finally a rival to P1. They have put up a large LED cube at Bukit Bintang, outside Lot10 and I tell it’s really very cool. It’s to promote their broadband. But somehow, IMO, I still prefer a cable/copperline Internet because wireless Internet is never as stable as a cable one. Wireless broadband is only an alternative to those who couldn’t get cable to their home.

Did you sign up for YES?

A little bit of walk, from Berjaya Times Square, I reached Uniqlo.

There’s promotion on jeans and t-shirt. RM50 for jeans and RM30 for t-shirt which are quite cheap. I didn’t want to buy the jeans because I am going for more like Skiny or Slim-cut. It’s more fitting. Though, I bought t-shirts at there! Hehe. Do you know that the Kuala Lumpur’s Uniqlo is the largest currently outside Japan? It has 3 floors. =) From Wikipedia one.

After shopping, finally willing to go back already. I am having final exam now. Good luck to me and also to all those who are having exam right now, especially my junior who are taking SPM.

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