USA Starbucks Card in Malaysia

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  1. fye says:

    Hi Nick,
    The starbucks card can only be purchased and utilized in participating countries such as USA, Australia and Japan.
    Cheers, fye

  2. says:

    u really bought it!
    i saw coffee bean and tea leaf have this kind of prepaid card
    but i don lk coffee bean and tea leaf
    i love starbucks =]

  3. Jennyhow says:

    wow, interesting! can you use it here to redeem at starbucks? or are you just collecting it?

  4. fye:
    Oh I see. So it’s not usable here. When will Starbucks Malaysia launch a card service?
    Coffee bean’s ice blended is nice. =)

    I was actually wanted to use it but I just know that it can’t be use here, so I am just collecting it. It’s nice.

  5. wtf says:

    u can get it for free as much as u want here if its $0. u spent $3, which is omg wtf bbq

  6. May says:

    I think you are totally clueless on the card. Over here in US, there are cards like this call gift card. They are available everywhere in many nationwide stores. Usually, people prepaid them and give them out as a gift. You paid the card for $3 and for that price you can get a small coffee in Starbucks over here. But in your case, you got a piece of plastic which you can get free.

  7. wtf:
    holy shit.

    I wish that there’s such service in here.

  8. Rachel says:

    Yup, pretty much every single store in the US offers such a service, except for really small stores. But if there are more than, like, 5 store in the chain, they will have this. They help the retailer, because often people spend a little bit less or more than the card value, which help them either way. Especially less: free money for them!

    Plus, I’ve read that many millions of dollars are unspent in gift cards every year, so that’s certainly beneficial to retailers.

  9. KC says:

    My friend just asked me to get him a M’sian Starbucks card……I live in USA and back here for vacation……please do tell me they have it in KL!! I will be soooo disappointed if they don’t

  10. KC says:

    Oh BTW I forgotten to tell you. Foreign Starbuck card will not be able to use in M’sia to pay the check…but I suspect what you saw that day was Starbucks credit card, I have one too…it was issued by Starbucks via a local bank in USA. Every dollar I spent with the card I collect points towards my purchase in Starbucks!

  11. linz says:

    dude, you’re so stupid. I have heaps of those cards taken for free at the stores. you dont have to pay at all for them since there’s no credit anyway. i threw them all away because they collect dust.

    and please, don’t be a cheapo. if you want to sit in starbucks, make sure you buy a coffee, at least.

  12. Oh my god, I am such a stupid. Anyway, thanks for the tip up.

    Sadly, Starbucks is getting more and more expensive.

  13. Wee says:


    Thanks for collecting Starbucks Card (cash card). I work for the company. I myself is a Starbucks Card and Merchandise Fan. I work for Starbucks Australia. We have customers from US and Canada using Starbucks card and when the purchase beverages, the systems auto convert and minuses the credit in Australian Dollars and wherever the country accepts Starbucks Card. I have no Idea about the Starbucks Duetto Card (A Visa Credit Card). My local Starbucks in Kl is Taipan (USJ – Subang)

  14. Alvando90 says:

    hey bro.. nice card you have there. mind to share the link you bought it? interested to get one.. : )

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