Two O O Eight’s Resolution and Wishlist

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  1. Fuyoh! So geng punya wishlist
    eh boh?
    study hard loh
    Form 4 no easy year
    Happy 2008 New Year

  2. KOKahKOK says:

    grow more hair at where? i dont see you in short of hair! unless those place i cant see! hehe….erm….so envy on you! so many “expensive” wish…..hope you got it!happy new year!

  3. abi says:

    Hey!! Happy New Year..Hope you have a superb 2008! 🙂

  4. SilverIsle says:

    LOLz. Almost forget you are from guys school when I see the “Get to know a she-friend in real life, not via the Internet.”. Haha. All the best yea!

    BTW, wanna improve in Chinese? Blog in Chinese lor! =P

  5. p.e. says:

    Happy New Year and may all your wishes and …urm…shopping lists/wishes come true.

  6. Criz Lai says:

    What a long wish list you have… but some of the items in the list really made me fell off my chair. Why grow more hair when you are not even botak? Sleep and eat more? Haha. Well, frankly speaking, this is not a bad post to make people laugh. All the best in your resolution Nicholas. Keep in touch!

    Anyway, thanks for being around always during 2007. Happy 2008 and may your life be filled with lots of love, joy, happiness, health, wealth and success for the new year and many years to come.

  7. teohhanhui says:

    Happy new year! ^^

    Your wishlist is really overwhelmingly expensive. LOL

    FYI people normally build HTPC’s out of older hardware. But a C2D is a good choice nevertheless (for the reduced heat dissipation and power consumption).

  8. AKK says:

    Happy NY 2008 to you too, May all your wishes comes true 🙂

  9. pandora-eye says:

    wow wow wow. A lot of wish list there buddy! Try to make to 28 wish lists.. It’s a good sign for year 2008. lol

  10. yikyeou says:

    Hobart Lim Zi Ying :
    Yeah, Form 4 everyone tell me it’s a hard year. I must struggle, but I kinda like Form 4.

    abi :
    Same to you :).

    SilverIsle :
    Cannot maintain too many blog. Last time try open Chinese blog, but write for few days no write d. But it’s a good idea.

    p.e. , johnny:
    Same to you.

    Criz Lai :
    Some is just write for fun only. HAHA

    teohhanhui :
    I need something to make my life moveon. Haha. I got a P4, old PC. So it’s already plug into my TV already, but I don’t have the require hardware for becoming a true HTPC. So need to upgrade.

    AKK :
    Yeah, same to you.

    pandora-eye :
    2008 is a nice year I believe. =)

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