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Tiger Chinese New Year’s Eve

I am back everyone. This is really shit, had been hiatus, had been on holiday for so long and I suddenly feel uncomfortable with typing and writing blog. But I guess I must stop myself being a lazy butt slacking everyday during this of my very own Chinese New Year holiday. Although I am already in holiday right now and before CNY, but CNY’s holiday is more lazy than before.
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No idea where to start writing and sharing, so gonna share my Chinese New Year’s Eve which is also the reunion day with family of all Chinese in the world.

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Most people have their reunion DINNER, as for me, I have it for both LUNCH and DINNER. Shops as usual were open on that day until 6pm only because it’s still not an official holiday. Though on this year, the eve fell on a Saturday, so it’s nice for the schooling. Yay, I am not schooling at the moment.

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People like steamboat, because it’s everyone-sit-down-together and share saliva and it’s reunion. Haha, few years back we still had steamboat but now we don’t. Grandma said it’s troublesome, a lot to prepare and IMO, I don’t really like steamboat a lot. Now people either just go to the restaurant, buffet, or just cook some nice dishes and eat-together.

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Watching Opening Ceremony of Winter Olympics Vancouver 2010 and lunch at the same time.

Unfortunately, it’s not everyone on the table. Some were stuck on the jam, some were far away in Australia studying and so, it’s not fully reunited. It’s still good to have many people in the house. For lunch, I go to family of daddy’s side at night would be family of mommy’s side.

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Brother Yikhung.

Many food and very full. There’s abalone too! Don’t know why during New Year, people cooks abalone. Didn’t stay long at grandma’s place because nothing much to do there. We went elsewhere.

Stay at home also boring, so brother, cousin Wai Leong and I went to Gurney Plaza to walk around and eat ice cream! Ice cream on a hot day was nice. Something’s wrong with the weather, from the eve till now, it’s so hot everyday outside.

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There’s still many people in the mall despite it’s an eve, you will be thinking everyone went for reunion meal but not. I believe it’s their last minute shopping! =D I bought a t-shirt on that day too. And everything will be new on the next day, the New Year day.

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Wai Leong.

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Still, we were not going home. We went to town for another dessert again, Famous Penang Road Chendul.

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It’s just so refreshing and chilling. Although I got a little flu that time, still, this really chill me off. One question, is it that when people is having a flu, he/she can’t take in cold things?

Night time came, and it’s reunion dinner of mommy side’s family! It had been many years that grandma didn’t cook for reunion dinner, have forgotten for how many years already. Every year, we would just book a restaurant which opens on the eve, then eat there. Uncles and aunties all came back from Johor and Sungai Petani, so nice that Penang is the meet-up point and I am there, no traveling far. =D

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Texting on reunion dinner!

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Rui, Lee and Yik.

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Yik and Chun.

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Chun and Lily.

It’s a few-courses dinner. Forgotten how many course, OOPS, because that the dinner wasn’t that nice. Just simply stuck the food in, I only liked that roasted piglet the most. Meat, I like!

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I have think before that New Year mu
st go to the cinema but somehow I didn’t go before, now only I know that movie tickets were all purchased few days before CNY and the cinema is very full during CNY! No chance to watch movie for latecomer like me.

IMG_3853 by nicholaschan.

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We didn’t want to go home so early, so went to the jazz bar at G Hotel which have an awkward name, G SPOT. There’s live Jazz music playing all night long.

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Played with the lights, listened to the Jazz, drank some cocktail, and finally everyone went home. It’s Valentine’s Day the next day man, and also Chinese New Year, but heck I don’t have a Valentine, so chocolate was off and red packet was ON, and still ON! Come give me red packet, it gives you prosper. Hehe.

Gong Hei Fatt Choi. Live Long and Prosper. XD

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