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Taipei Trip: Shida Night Market 师大夜市

Taipei Trip: Shida Night Market 师大夜市 (Day 1) – I went to Taipei for a week of leisure trip last month. After landed in Taipei and checked into the hotel, we did not want to waste any more time and headed straight to our first destination in Taipei – Shida Night Market.
As you know, Taiwan is famous for night market, how can we not visit them? Moreover we were so hungry and night market is the best place to fill up the empty stomach.
Shida Night Market is actually located right opposite of Shida University, and that’s where the name comes from. Unlike the famous Shihlin Night Market, this one is cater more to locals and also the university students.
I was pretty excited with my first exploration in Taipei but the night was pretty warm, about 24 degree celcius only. Nevertheless, Shida Night Market did not disappoint me. The food are very interesting, so do the small little fashion stalls and of course the very friendly locals, you just be amazed with the friendly locals at there. They smile to everyone, even if I took pictures of the stallss and never buy a food, they will also smile or say thank you. Taiwanese are awesome!
The night ended up with a couple shopping bags of cloths and a stomach filled with awesome Taiwan food.
One interesting Taiwanese food is 卤味, or English – Braised Aromatic Goodness, or simple English – food braised in aromatic brine! You will find stuff like pig’s organs, sausage, vegetable, mushrooms and more that are braised in aromatic brine. Onefamous and must try at Shida Night Market is the Deng Lung Lu Wei 灯笼卤味! It’s the most famous one and has a long queue.
Deep fried stinky toufu and it’s good and sinfu!
Pork liver soup which I find it’s nice! Do you realised that Taiwanese love animal’s organs?
Taiwanese version of fried oyster which I find Malaysia has a better one! Serious, trust me.
Spinach in Taiwanese style, not bad not bad.
The blogger Nick Chan.
Another thing to try out – 盐水鸡 Salt Water Chicken, which is something like steamed chicken salted and added with spring onion. Quite and interesting street food.
Taiwan is a very pet-friendly country! You will see pretty and cute puppies everywhere!
Before ending the trip at Shida, I’d a bowl of Toufu Fa with bubble, they call it 粉圆 at there! Yummeh!
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